Expand the area of profit with us

If your skills speaks you can be our creative partner and can work with us on our projects in several areas of the country, Being a creative partner you will not only get business but some extra benefits too as-

  • Profile Enhancement- Shortlisted top applicants will be launched publicly on our website including their profile and experiences

  • Less Competition- Being a premium class brand, we are only taking a no. limited applicants from each area, so there will be no race in getting orders and applicants will get regular business without tensions of high competition ratios.

  • Discounts on Products- Us our products and services in your own personal projects also with an assured discounts as- 

    • 10% Discounts on Craft Looks regular products.

    • 20% Discounts on Craft Looks customize manufactured products.

  • Benefits of Craft Looks community -​  Now do your own personal projects all over the country with more confidence. Be a member of India's biggest home decor community carrying 200+ interior/architect professionals, alongwith loads of vendors, contractors of various categories.   







  • Experience: Should be at least 2-5+ Yrs experience.

  • Communication Skills: Must knows Hindi,  & could understand and speak English alongwith their regional language.

  • Work Profile: Should be confident to deal with vendors, architects and interior designer as well other professionals of their related field.


  • Devices & Machines: Applicants such as interior designer / Architects must carry good Smartphone, PC and Laptops with updated softwares to work effectively on their projects.

  • Office: Applicants should contain a permanent office for their business dealings and communications.

  • LEGAL DOCUMENTS: All applicants must be a citizen of India, with holding PAN cards, Current Account along with GSTIN no.

(Freelance/startups can start working initially with having PAN card and ​Savings Account as well)

  • Project Submission: Professionals have to submit their previous projects and works which will be displayed in personal profile of all professionals. (Good projects will help client to make a good impression on clients and to mature deals fast)

  • Profile Details: Professionals has to provide brief details about their experience, service areas, work and types of projects in which you deals etc. With the help of these sources each shortlisted professional's profile will get made and published on our official website.


For application forms & other informations write us an E-Mail to